Anlec Razors
Owner Aedilred
Race Dark Elf
Debut Season Season V
Last Season Season VI
Team Motto
Team Colours Buff, Navy and Crimson


The Gentlemen of Anlec were formed as an amateur team for Dark Elf nobles to showcase their own talents on the Blood Bowl field. Their founder, Guillem d'Occhem was dismayed by the amount of money “sloshing around” in the game and what he saw as a diminution in skill and natural flair caused by overt professionalism.

The Gentlemen did not meet with great success. Players rarely turned up for training and often even missed matches due to other commitments. In only their second game, d'Occhem was permanently injured and forced to retire after he accidentally jabbed himself in the eye with a lit cigar while scoring a touchdown. The team continued to plumb the depths of inadequacy in the Naggaroth leagues, including a 16-0 defeat to the Darkside Cowboys, and a record 87-loss streak lasting over two seasons. After the team was beaten by the Temple of Khaine Under-16s d'Occhem decided that action needed to be taken.

D'Occhem hired Blood Bowl magnate Aedilred, former head coach of the GITP-league Red Sabres, to try to lead the team out of its slump. Aedilred appointed the hardnosed Sir Dougal DuJardin as captain and prepared the team to play in the GITP league's fourth season, only for plans to fall through after the team sommellier went on strike, and many of the players walked out, refusing to play without a steady supply of wine. During the off-season he gradually revamped the team, arranging sponsorship deals which allowed former pros like Tony Hesperaxian and Edwin Oril to play as amateurs while still receiving a salary. As part of another sponsorship deal the team was renamed, becoming the Anlec Razors, and it was further arranged for the team to use the Sabres' home ground at Bad Badenhof.

Home GroundEdit

The Razors play their home games at the stadium built for the Red Sabres: the Bad Badenhof Recreational Ground, or the "Bad Wreck". Before Season V, artificial turf was controversially installed, which helped to increase the grounspeed of players, but opinion was divided on whether this would work to the elves' advantage.


The following players have worn the Razors' colours:

  • Sir Dougal DuJardin
  • Edwin Oril
  • Hugh Darcy
  • Iago Tantarella
  • Lord Lewis Lyme
  • Reuben Steel
  • Saul d'Amasque
  • Scott le Bon
  • Shem St. John Smythe
  • Tarquin Mandeville
  • Tony Hesperaxian

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