Beyond Entropy
Owner Leriel's Ghost
Race Chaos Pact
Debut Season Season IV
Last Season -
Team Motto "Fear the math teacher!"
Team Colours Dark Orchid

"Stop the stress, don't stop the mess"

A ghost?!?!Edit

What happens when an angry man dies? Let's cite a sage - Dr. Rudolph Van RIP: "Just as the shock of birth is overwhelming to a child, so too is the sudden plunge into the frigid, black waters of unlife. In other words, the stronger the emotional state of those present at the ghost's creation, the more powerful the spirit that arise."

Leriel, former coach of Stinky Feets and Die Valkyrie, was killed while trying to trigger the last step of a plan for concluding the career of Die Valkyrie in a "blaze of glory"... and looks like that the Good Doctor is right! Leriel's ghost is the new owner of Beyond Entropy... and he's angry as usual.

But this time things could be not so easy for the Angry Ghost!

The "Marauders from Outer Space" crashed on our little planet while testing an experimental engine designed by the MMT (Mad Mathemathic Trio): Dyrac, Möbius and Octahemioctacron.

The (not so nice) ladies kidnapped the trio without knowing that the Buttered Cat Engine and the Infinite Improbability Drive experiments were no successfull - a bad move for the piratess!

Captain ("I'm no lady!") Adhil decided that the Blood Bowl game could be a good way to spend her free time... while getting some money and fans. Also, she wants to demonstrate to Leriel that she could be more angry that him... we will see!

Everything decays. We're just here to help it along.Edit

Beer, warpstone and Chaos gods: put this together and you can get what happened to the Marauder during their training sessions at the gym. Also, that changed some quiet mathemathics to a Minotaur, a Chaos Ogre and...


Uhm... latest entries from the captain's log tell that the MMT were not so quiet... but who cares? :)

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