Blind Faith
Blind Faith
Owner NobodyMuch
Race Ogre
Debut Season Season IV
Last Season -
Team Motto Science!!!
Team Colours Black and Blue

Mankind has long wondered about the existence of Gods.  Some pedantic fools argue that the existence of Gods is obvious in a world of demons, magic and miracles.  These are not men of Science.  People of an appropriately skeptical nature require proof;  this is where Blind Faith comes in.

Hypothesis:  If gods exist, blasphemy will be punished.  Not overtly, as any direct demonstration of power obviates faith and causes the god in question to vanish in a puff of logic (see Oolon Colluphid's best seller " Well, that about wraps it up for God ").  If the wrath has to happen in small ways, tiny ways, the best way to measure it is in the random generation of probability.  Ergo, the ideal method to test for the existence of deities is to make a really blasphemous Blood Bowl team and see if they perform worse than they should.

Sadly, this method had to remain entirely theoretical until the invention of grounded helmets prevented the alarming number of lightning bolt fatalities in the prototype teams ( approaching ninety nine percent of players ).  The Mark One Test Team, Blind Faith, is a team of Ogre's and Snotlings named after assorted divinities.  All that remains is for Halikaarn, the philosopher behind the experiment, to suss out whether the team is doing awfully because they are accursed by the gods, or simply because they are ogres and snotlings.

Season HighlightsEdit

Season IVEdit

Week 1 ( vs. Nature's Guardians) [1-2, Loss]

Despite the loss, Blind Faith performed exceedingly well.  Blind Io served up the hurtsauce with a staggering three injuries inflicted, and Anoia clearly didn't get lost in a drawer as she put up twenty more yards rushing than the opposing team's ringer, the legendary Sessumnir.


Player Position Status
Blind Io Ogre Worshipped
The Great God Om Ogre Worshipped
Fate Ogre Worshipped
Offler Ogre Worshipped
Anoia Snotling Worshipped
Fedecks Snotling Worshipped
Errata Snotling Worshipped
Aniger Snotling Worshipped
Urika Snotling Worshipped
Ceno Snotling Worshipped
Hyperopia Snotling Worshipped
Nuggan Snotling Worshipped
Hoki the Jokster Snotling Worshipped

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