Cardinal Took
Race Halfling
Teams The Shire Patch
Position Halfling
Squad Number 07
Seasons Season III
Status Coaching Staff
Level Rookie
SPPs -
Improvements -
Injuries Serious Concussion

Smashed Knee x2

Smashed Ankle Broken Neck

Cardinal Took has the distinction of being the most seriously-injured player in the league. At the close of Season III, he was suffering from a serious concussion, two smashed knees, a smashed ankle and a broken neck and yet had never missed a match through injury. In the final weeks, Goblin Gambling were reputed to be running a book on whether he could survive to the end of the season.

In light of the Cardinal's apparently miraculous survival, leage commissioner Crow awarded all teams a bounty of one star player point per permanent injury carried by the halfling to be distributed among their players. He retired from active play following the disbanding of the Shire Patch at the end of the season and was subsequently hired by Feets Reloaded as their apothecary for Season IV.

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