The All-Star Week takes place in the middle of the regular season. Instead of the normal match schedule all-star teams play for the glory of their divisions and a chance at bonus SPPs. In Season III, the Grintoof Snotling Derby was added to the All-Star Week activities. All-Star week has been a feature of the league since Season I.

For Season IV, following concerns about tactical voting by coaches, the format was changed and players took part in a new All-Division Match.

All-Star VotingEdit

Each Coach voted for three players from each division and one coach from their own division. Coaches were only allowed to vote for a maximum of one of their own players. Some coaches used their votes more tactically than others; some prefer to nominate genuine league stars, while others chose weaker players from rival divisions to give their own team the best chance of winning, and some chose lesser lights from their own roster to give them some experience.

Coaches worried about injury to their best players were able to make players unavailable for selection. Ideally, this should happen before votes are tallied. As of Season III, only one player (Krikzer Flannel of Hellbug's Heroes) has been withdrawn.

The sixteen players with most votes from each division are put forward as the divisional team. The starting XI is determined by number of votes received, with the most popular players starting the match.

Every player nominated gains 2 Star Player Points regardless of whether they play.

All-Star InjuriesEdit

The policy on All-Star injuries has changed a number of times during the course of the league. In Season I it was ruled that permanent injuries and deaths incurred during All-Star Week were nullified, since the players were taking it easy.

In Season II, injuries incurred in the All-Star game were deemed to have full effect, as league commissioner Crow wanted to see more investment in the match. This was a controversial decision among some coaches, although in the event, no players were permanently injured or killed.

In Season III, injuries incurred in the All-Stars matches retained full effect, but each team received a free apothecary courtesy of the league treasury for every game. Despite this sideline assistance, three players were killed during the course of the matches. One player was forced to miss a game, although the game missed was the second All-Star fixture.

In Season IV, the policy remained the same as in Season III. Two players were forced to miss a subsequent match. Both of these were league matches as there was only one all-division fixture.

All-Division SelectionEdit

From Season IV, a new system was put in place for selection. Coaches nominate two of their own players to take part in the All-Division Match. Both players automatically join the squad. A divisional coach is elected as normal.

All players in the All-Division teams gain two free Star Player Points.

All-Star InducementsEdit

In Season I both teams were managed by A.I. and there were no inducements.

In Season II each coach was given $400,000 to spend on inducements, and four Gameplan Points.

In Season III each coach was given $300,000 to spend on inducements for each match, and four Gameplan Points per match. They also received a free apothecary.

In Season IV each coach was given $400,000 to spend on inducements for the match and four gameplan points. They also received a free apothecary and could gain an extra gameplan point by writing a match preview.

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