Many years ago, some Norse sailors washed up on the coast of Lustria and decided they rather liked it there. After generations of lounging around on the beach, the once-fierce Norsemen became soft and flabby, with social standing dependent not on how many alehouses they could sack in an evening , but by the colour of their suntan. Instead, the women of the colony took over running things, and generally did a much better job. Nowadays, the Amazons are a fixture of Blood Bowl, and are just as potent as their Norse chauvinist counterparts.

The Amazon team has one great and apparent advantage over most teams: they all start with the Dodge skill. This gives them some versatility with regards to moving players around, as well as making them harder to knock over. They also start with four players who come with the Block/Dodge combination - these four Blitzers also have access to Strength skills and can be easily loaded up to become very troublesome to deal with. The rest of the team can also be given Block easily and a whole team of Block and Dodge will most often be standing on their feet after being blocked.

It isn't all good, however, and some teams like Dwarves, who have a lot of Tackle skills, can negate this advantage. The players are all fragile with AV7 when they do go down, as well. Every player as an average stat line - they aren't fast, agile, or strong, but not slow, weak, or terrible at handing the ball either. While all the players do have the Dodge skill, with only AG3 you will soon realize there may be better ways forward with this team.


  • Everyone has Dodge
  • Fairly Cheap Players
  • Fairly Cheap Rerolls


  • Low Armor
  • Average Stats

Unsigned PlayersEdit

Amazons unlucky enough to find themselves out of contract and available for free agency are listed here.

Name Position SPPs Abilities Injuries
Skuld Blitzer 3
Gunnr Blitzer 5
Skögul Blitzer 26 Mighty Blow, Guard
Hlökk Linewoman 0
Hrist Thrower 0
Hervör Blitzer 24 Jump Up, Guard
Sigrún Blitzer 20 Guard, Juggernaut Smashed Knee (Niggling)
"Bryn" Hildr Blitzer 51 Guard, +1 STR, Pass Block, Tackle
Ölrún Blitzer 8 Guard
"Mistress" Göndul Thrower 68 +1 AG, Safe Throw, Accurate, Kick-Off Return
"Legs" Mist Catcher 64 Diving Catch, Dump-Off, Sure Feet, Sprint -1 MA
Skeggjöld Catcher 48 Dump-Off, Diving Catch, +1 STR -1 STR
Göll Linewoman 16 Leader, Guard -1 AG
Svàva Linewoman 7 Block -1 AV
Sigrdrífa Linewoman 2
Hrund Linewoman 16 Block, Tackle -1 AG

Star PlayersEdit

The following Star Players make their services available to Amazon teams:

Name Cost

Helmut Wulf


Willow Rosebark


Roxanna Darknail


Zara the Slayer


Bertha Bigfist


Morg 'n' Thorg


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