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Chaos takes many forms. Sometimes, it's a bad dice roll, sometimes it's just the desire to have an extra portion of cake. Sometimes, a butterfly flaps its wings in Lustria, and in Magritta a seven-foot tentacle monster rampages through a defensive lineup and scores a touchdown.

As might be expected, every team is different, but three particular subtypes of teams bear mentioning. The followers of Nurgle have their own distinctive play style and are considered separately from most Chaos teams, while the Daemons of Khorne are famous for their single-minded dedication to violence. Chaos Pact teams comprise a loose alliance of any players willing to throw their lot in with the Chaos Gods regardless of background. Teams that don't fall into any of these categories are generally referred to generically as Chaos teams.

Chaos teams have the benefit of being the most agile of the bashing teams. Their chaos warriors have high strength, yet can still dodge and ball handle as well as the average player. The beastmen benefit with horns and can blitz with good strength. The fact there are a lot of them on the pitch means you can't avoid them either.

The trouble with Chaos is that their players aren't that cheap, their rerolls are very expensive and they don't start with any skills. Early on, a Chaos team can be very hard to deal with as a result of all these factors. The other teams that have average agility across the board tend to start with ball handling skills to compensate. Chaos do not have that luxury, though they do have easy access to mutations on their players. These mutations allow you to convert the players with a specific role easily. The whole team also has access to strenght skills, so once you start to develop the team they can be built into one the best in the game.


  • Strong
  • Easy Mutation access


  • Expensive Players
  • Expensive Rerolls
  • No Starting Skills

Unsigned PlayersEdit

The following players are out of contract and are available to (generic) Chaos teams:

Name Position SPPs Abilities Injuries
Duke Dangerous Minotaur 2

Star PlayersEdit

The following Star Players have made their services available to Chaos teams:

Name Cost
Max Spleenripper 130,000
Lewdgrip Whiparm 150,000
Brick Far'th and Grotty 290,000
Lord Borak the Despoiler 300,000
Grashnak Blackhoof 310,000
Morg 'n' Thorg 430,000

For Star Player Action Week, the following players are also available:

Name Cost
Bellow Thunderslam 350,000
Bilerot Vomitflesh 210,000
Borg'th n'hthrog 320,000
Dieter Hammerslash 170,000
Dorjak Sureclaw 160,000
Duke Luthor von Hawkfire 110,000
Galmen Goreblade 290,000
Grak'ng'Grak Gothag 330,000
Slarga Fourstrike 200,000


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