Coaching staff are the back-room personnel who do the legwork for a team: devising gameplans, patching players up between and during matches, handling the team's expenses, and generally doing what they can to keep the team afloat despite the best efforts of its owners and players.

This page lists these unsung heroes past and present. Any non-players on a team's payroll are counted as coaching staff for these purposes, even if their job is not strictly coaching-related.

Assistant CoachesEdit

These are usually specialist coaches brought in by a team to focus on a particular aspect of play or to work with a particular group of players. Many of them are former players themselves. It's been suggested that some teams employ family members or friends for tax avoidance purposes, and that some players are only retained on a coaching salary to avoid their being poached by rival outfits. Needless to say, all these rumours are completely baseless.

Name Race Team                             Job Title
Quicky Goblin Selene's Seductive Strut Offensive Coordinator
Mike the Mauler Khemri

Styx Rivermen

Selene's Seductive Strut

Linemen Coach

Defensive Coordinator

"Mad" Max Saravia Human Selene's Seductive Strut Special Teams Coach
Bilbo Baggins Halfling The Shire Patch Defensive Coordinator
Samwise Gamgee Halfling The Shire Patch Offensive Coordinator
Lou E. van Gall Human Red Sabres Champagne Procurement Director
Bry N. Kluff Human Red Sabres Head of Nutrition and Catering
Rickard T. Punter Human Red Sabres Drinking, Pulling and Gambling Counsellor
Morr E.N. Tezz Human Red Sabres Facial Grooming Consultant
Hlökk Amazon Die Valkyrie Head of PR
Zlathuan Lizardman Outrageous Cretaceous Defensive Coach
Boqotta Lizardman Outrageous Cretaceous Offensive Coach
Ottagor Lizardman Outrageous Cretaceous Last-Minute Motivation Coach
Tlaxquet Lizardman Outrageous Cretaceous Chaplain
Sklik'lik "The Skink" Lizardman Nox'tlan Narcissists Defensive Coach
John Smith Human Iron Giants Wise Old Coach
The Immortal Tortured Soul of John Madden Unknown MAIM KILL BURN Specialist in Begging for the Sweet Release of Death, also Tactics
Pohiko Deringer Undead Patched Plagues Swarm Tactician
Estranger "Botuls" Undead Patched Plagues Fleshmodder
Karlond "Ebols" Undead Patched Plagues Plagueleader
Siegfried von Richthofen Necromantic The Shadow Defensive Coordinator
Jaba Lizardman KKkk-ssss RAWR Slann Mage-Coach
Vercingetorix Chaos Hellbug's Heroes Asssistant Coach
Meredith Gray(tail) Skaven

Beyond Entropy

Sweet Feet

Ghost Hunter

Guardian of the Mimir

'Speedy' Scutterling Skaven The Low-Down Dirty Rats (LDR) Offensive co-ordinator
Big Black Rat Skaven The Low-Down Dirty Rats (LDR) Defensive co-ordinator
'Mouse-trap' McSchemey Skaven The Low-Down Dirty Rats (LDR) Conditioning Coach


These are healers wise in the ways of medicine and magic; their job is to deal with the injuries that a team's players suffer during a game. Although it's falling out of fashion, it's traditional for medics joining a team to swear the Apothecaries' Oath:

'I do swear, in the name of my deity, my liege and my employer, that I will uphold the sacred duties of my vocation and my profession. I shall never send a player out into the arena who is sick in mind or spirit, unless he hasn't paid his bill or has threatened me personally with grievous bodily harm. Nor shall I tamper with the natural workings of the humanoid body, except for a little chemical fine tuning. And I shall adhere at all times to the ethics of my profession, such as they are. I swear all of this and, herewith, my expensively retained lawyer does so bear witness to this fact.'[1]

Name Race Team
Laura von Streissenhower Vampire The Bloodknights
Rivell Mastacasta High Elf Hellbug's Heroes
Hardy the Cheese Guy Unknown Selene's Seductive Strut
Sandy Brown-Grass Halfling The Shire Patch
Doktor von Krippen Human Red Sabres
Verthandi Amazon Die Valkyrie
Asclepius M.D. Black Orc The Johnnys' Quest
R2-D2-MD2 Unknown The Reptile Alliance
Nigle "No-Skill" Lizardman Nox'tlan Narcissists
Culitirith Abonnen Elf Tinwë United
Krikzer Flannel Chaos Hellbug's Heroes
The Butcher Khorne MAIM KILL BURN
Urd Amazon Die Valkyrie
Grey Seer Skaven Stinky Feets
Brutha Ogre Blind Faith
Dr. Phil Norse Nature's Guardians
Lara von Krippen Human Red Sabres
Healy Dwarf Crooked Peak
Cole's Successful Uncle High Elf Rampant Professionalism
Mazdatoc of Cathay Lizardman Outrageous Cretaceous
Dr. Rudolph van RIP Unknown Beyond Entropy
Sorexa Skaven The Low-Down Dirty Rats (LDR)
Dr. Badger "I want to believe!" of Clan Moulder Skaven Sweet Feet


Name Race Team
Selene Mysterious Selene's Seductive Strut
Maria (Molly) Human Red Sabres
Katharina (Kate) Human Red Sabres
A'gai "In Disguise" Lizardman Nox'tlan Narcissists
Lo'sa'air "Chips" Lizardman Nox'tlan Narcissists
Mr. Scaggs Orc The Fancy Lads
Laureen Amazon Die Valkyrie
Lillian Amazon Die Valkyrie
Lizzie Amazon Die Valkyrie
Lorelei Amazon Die Valkyrie
Lucy Amazon Die Valkyrie
Lysandra Amazon Die Valkyrie
Tanya Skaven The Low-Down Dirty Rats (LDR)
Tanya Too Skaven The Low-Down Dirty Rats (LDR)

Other Coaching StaffEdit

Name Team Job Title
Doctor Ned The Mistakes of Life Necromancer
Ingorian Shenwalfe Tinwë United Team Sponsor
Darkdeath Evilman Patched Plagues Amateur Animator (Necromancer)
Maynard B. Fired Red Sabres Acting General Manager (apparently)
  1. Blood Bowl Companion 1990, p.49