Blood Bowl being what it is, some players just don't make it off the pitch alive. The names of those who have selflessly laid down their lives - and in some cases their unlives - for the team, and the entertainment of the fans, are enshrined here.

Name Position Teams
Avaritia Saurus Cretaceous Crushers
Ira Saurus Cretaceous Crushers
Superbia Saurus Cretaceous Crushers
Grarder Goblin Da Gabooms
Herfjötur Linewoman Die Valkyrie, All-Stars III
Reginleif Linewoman Die Valkyrie
Kul of Clan Tergoth Black Orc Blocker Green IS Your Enemy
Leslie Black Orc Blocker The Fancy Lads, Green IS Your Enemy, All-Stars I
Janus the Anomic Journeyman Rotter Hometown Heroollrghh
Fodder2 Zombie Patched Plagues
Mimameiðr Lineman Rampage!
Hvergelmir Lineman Rampage!
A. Rikke Lineman Red Sabres
N. Rico Gleyzass Lineman Red Sabres
N. Senn Ricky Lineman Red Sabres
Jack N. Bauer Thrower Red Sabres
Roc Lockjaw Warpstone Troll Selene's Seductive Strut, All-Stars III
Nolud Goblin Da Gabooms, Selene's Seductive Strut
Romdin Goblin Da Gabooms, Selene's Seductive Strut, All-Stars III
Molag Ball Blitzer Shadow Dancers
Brett Darknessbringer Runner Shadow Dancers
Istis Journeyman Lineman Shadow Dancers
Erhor Journeyman Lineman Shadow Dancers
"Dookie" Jack Lineman Stinky Feets
S.P.D. Gonzalo Gutter Runner Stinky Feets, All-Stars I
Long John Hardrock Skeleton Styx Rivermen
Dick the Destroyer Tomb Guardian Styx Rivermen, All-Stars II
Michelle Black Orc Blocker The Fancy Lads
George Blitzer The Fancy Lads
Susan Black Orc Blocker The Fancy Lads, All-Stars I
Informant Lineman The Invisible Assassin
Suspect2 Lineman The Invisible Assassin
Rienis Journeyman Lineman The Invisible Assassin
Action Johnny Thrower The Johnnys' Quest
Other John Green Lineman The Johnnys' Quest
John "Five Score and Seventeen" No-Name Lineman The Johnnys' Quest
Ferris "the Facade" Yohanan Lineman The Johnnys' Quest
Dijon "Crazy" Bone Thrower The Johnnys' Quest
WW Other Wight The Mistakes of Life
Garm Bel Iblis Saurus The Reptile Alliance
Biggs Darklighter Skink The Reptile Alliance
Acedia Saurus Cretaceous Crushers, The Reptile Alliance, All-Stars III
Fastolph Peason Journeyman Halfling The Shire Patch
Curty Rigger Halfling The Shire Patch
Merry Brandybuck Halfling The Shire Patch
Hands Catcher The Trees
Legs Catcher The Trees
Brain Lineman The Trees
Chest Lineman The Trees
Jumpy the Fast* Wardancer The Trees, The Johnnys' Quest
Ortossi Uialyf Lineman Tinwë United
Shambles the Mascot Zombie The Shambling Horde
Unlucky Zombie The Shambling Horde
Gaenrearth Mercenary Witch Elf The Invisible Assassin
Skullsplitter Bloodletter MAIM KILL BURN
Oatlhui of the Smoking Caverns of Sotek Kroxigor Outrageous Cretaceous
Itza-uax of the Temple-Avenue of Gold Skink Outrageous Cretaceous
Tocadohi of Hautl Skink Outrageous Cretaceous
Tocankha of the Temple of Constellations Skink Outrageous Cretaceous
Teploq of the Tomb of Gold Skink Outrageous Cretaceous
Narchan Tarchol Lineman Tinwe United
Al-elcliche Ghoul The Mistakes of Life
Squire Thrall The Bloodknights
Eljuðner Lineman Rampage!
Breiðablik Lineman Rampage!
Squire's Cousin Thrall The Bloodknights
Big-Bones Blocker Beerd
Skaven Blackbeard Runner Beerd
Lord Louis Lemonsey Lineorc The Fancy Lads
Curiosity Carver Lineman Rampant Professionalism
Mal D. Nie Blitzer Red Sabres
Jo Block Lineman Nature's Guardians
Mo Block Lineman Nature's Guardians
Gnawlins Barbeque Lineman Feets Reloaded
Heinrich von Krauss Wight The Drakenhof Returned
Spine Ghoul The Drakenhof Returned

'The Rain'

Thrower The Low-Down Dirty Rats (LDR)

  • Jumpy the Fast later turned out to be Not Quite Dead.

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