During the running of any league, in addition to the regularly contracted players turning out for matches week after week, there are a lot of players on temporary contracts or no contract at all, hanging around looking for pay. These run the gamut from Hall of Famers like Morg 'n' Thorg (in fact, just Morg 'n' Thorg, since all the other Hall of Famers have retired) to grizzled former pros who never quite made it to the top, to amateurs wanting to try their hand in the big leagues.

Perhaps the most ambitious freebooter was skeleton Ricardo Ferminelli, formerly of the Pergamo Pastas. After turning Undead, he made it his aim to play for every NAF league team. Just three teams short of his goal, he was tragically buried by a Westside Werewolf and has yet to reappear.[1]

In general, freebooters can be divided into three categories:

Star Players: Stars who have left their original team and gone freelance. Prices for Star Players are usually enormous, as many of them will charge more for a single game than some players will for an entire season.

Mercenaries: Professional players who have found themselves out of contract. Their prices vary depending on the level of experience and skill, but all of them charge at least as much as a regular player.

Journeymen: Someone - anyone - who can fit in a Blood Bowl kit, really only there to make up the numbers. They come dirt cheap, since most of them are grateful for the chance to play.

  1. Blood Bowl Companion 1990, p.53


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