Goblin teams are much like Orc teams, except without the orcs. In the absence of their bigger mates to beat up the opposition, goblins resort to secret weapons like chainsaws and bombs to try to level the odds. That these often backfire and do as much damage to goblin teams as to their opponents is all part of the fun.

Goblin teams are perhaps less competitive in the GITP league than usual, thanks to the scrupulous honesty of referees in the league, who refuse to take bribes not to send off goblin players caught committing fouls or smuggling secret weapons.

Goblins have occasionally been known to team up with fellow sneaky gits, Skaven, to form Underworld teams.


Goblin teams are one of the weakest and most challenging teams to play. Their players are cheap, weak and break easily. Goblins do, however, enjoy the biggest access to secret weapons and you will often see them deploying players with things from a chainsaw to a pogo stick. They also have the ability to employ two Trolls to help stiffen the team up on the line of scrimmage, as well as giving the threat of a one-turn touchdown.

As menioned, the Goblins are weak, have low armor and break easier than most players if you penetrate that armor. Their secret weapon players that are spotted are often seen on the pitch and tend to get sent off and Trolls aren't known for being reliable. They are fun to play, but are also difficult. Goblin teams are known for giving bribes to referees so they can keep their weapons on the pitch, but due to the referee guilds in the GITP league, are always turned back into the league and never accomplished. Luckily, players are cheap enough to be able to have a full bench of substitutes.


  • Very Cheap Players
  • Lots of Secret Weapons
  • Two Trolls
  • Dodge and Stunty


  • Low Strenth
  • Low Armor
  • Fragile (stuny)
  • Unreliable Players


Only one Goblin team has played in the league. Da Gabooms made a valiant effort in Season I and included one of the season's leading rushing players, but failed to qualify in the playoffs and disbanded before Season II.

Unsigned PlayersEdit

The following goblin players are not currently on contract and therefore available as free agents.

Name Position SPPs Skills Injuries


Goblin 9 Side Step Niggling Injury


Goblin 0


Goblin 7 Catch


Goblin 5


Goblin 0


Goblin 0


Troll 9


Troll 6 Grab

Da Cray-Cray

Fanatic 4

Da Slicer

Loony 0

Da Boom

Bombardier 0
Dubs Dontneednostinkinbadges Goblin 5 Smashed Ankle  (-1 MA)
Slubs Wheredawhitewomenat Goblin 8
Chubs Surroundedby*******s Goblin 0
Gimdin Goblin 8

Star PlayersEdit

These Star Players have made their services available to Goblin teams:

Name Cost
Bommer Dribblesnot 60,000
Scrappa Sorehead 150,000
Fungus the Loon 80,000
Nobbla Blackwart 130,000
Ripper 270,000
Morg 'n' Thorg 430,000

For Star Player Action Week, the following players are also available:

Name Cost
Dirty Dan 170,000
Garbage Throttlesnot 130,000
Grograt Crunchskull 300,000
Spiky Norman 110,000

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