At first glance, a Halfling might appear to have more in common with a Blood Bowl ball than a player. And on second glance, for that matter. In fact many Halflings seem to go their entire, albeit short, careers without players apparently realising that they're the opposition, and not something to be picked up and flung through the air, spiked violently into the turf, or absent-mindedly munched on in between plays.

No, Halflings are far from ideal Blood Bowl players, having none of the attributes generally associated with those who succeed at the game. Even a collaboration with Treemen doesn't always help, as enthusiastic Treemen have an unfortunate tendency of splattering their own players into the pitch or stands while trying to give them a helping hand into the End Zone. Nonetheless, there are always plenty of Halflings queuing up to have a go at the game, possibly because Blood Bowl players tend to get treated to meals out by their coaches after the match. When a Halfling team is in town, both restaurant owners and undertakers will be rubbing their hands in anticipation of a bumper week.


Halflings are the weakest and slowest of all the teams in the game. They are designed to be one of the most challenging races to use and they certainly fulfill that criteria. They can start with two of the strongest players in the game in the guise of Treemen, who at ST6 and AV10 can really hold their own. The teams often make use of a Halfling Master Chef as well; the cooking aroma can put off the other team and enchance the performance of the Halflings by stealing the other team's rerolls. Due to the poor ability of the Halfling players though, they are very cheap to purchase and you can have a lot of them, which is great because you'll probably need a lot of them!

Onto the bad news and, as hinted, they are a slow team. The numerous Halflings are a nice, slow MV5 and the two Treemen have a speedy MV2. Now, seeing as you need MV3 to even stand up, should a Treeman get knocked over, you will need to roll to if they can stand up. The Treeman may on occasion decide to Take Root and not move at all from the square they are in for the rest of the drive. While they can block an area of the pitch off, they aren't hard to avoid either. The Halflings are also weak at ST2 and have a low armor of AV6 - combined with being injured easier because of Stunty, the opposing teams will not have much trouble in removing them from the field; don't expect to have a lot of them staying around for a long time. Though you may get one who turns out to be resilient and gain a few skills, this is more the exception than the norm.


  • Very Cheap Players
  • Two Treemen
  • Can Steal Rerolls
  • Dodge and Stunty


  • Slow
  • Weak
  • Very Fragile

Unsigned PlayersEdit

The following Halfling players have survived long enough to be available for free agency:

Name Position SPPs Abilities Injuries
Keri Rosewater Halfling 0
Gandy Wilshire Halfling 0
Frodo Baggins Halfling 0 -1 STR
Peregrine Took Halfling 5 -1 STR, Niggling Injury
Alan Blackfoot Halfling 0 Niggling Injury
Lotho Lilypot Halfling 0
Merry Brandybuck Halfling 0
Rosie Quintupple Halfling 0
Mila Blueriver Halfling 0
Bally Brobson Halfling 0
Orb Oliver Halfling 2
Miller Halfwaist Halfling 2 -1 AV
Wilhelm Bounder Halfling 2 -1 MA
Oak Treeman 24 Multiple Block, +1 MA
John Green Treeman 19 Guard, Multiple Block Niggling Injury
Bloomberg Treewoman 57 Guard, Grab, Block, Pro

Star PlayersEdit

The following Star Players feel sorry enough for Halfling teams to offer their services.

Name Cost
Puggy Baconbreath 140,000
Willow Rosebark 150,000
Zara the Slayer 270,000
Bertha Bigfist 290,000
Deeproot Strongbranch 300,000
Morg 'n' Thorg 430,000

For Star Player Action Week, the following players are also available:

Name Cost
Bog'th n'hthrog 320,000
Ernald Spiritburner 210,000
Grak'ng'Grak Gothag 330,000
Hoshi Komi 160,000
Warmglow Vindaloo 170,000

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