Possibly the most infuriating of all elves, High Elves originate in Ulthuan and consider themselves the pinnacle of elf-kind, although arguably all elves do anyway. High Elf players are usually military veterans, often officers with private means, and attract heavy sponsorship from the Ulthuan military establishment. As a result, they tend to be slightly tougher than other elves, and are normally rather better-equipped.

General dissatisfaction with High Elf snobbery, reputed to be excessive even for elves, was one of the key factors in the establishment of the first Pro Elf teams, which prize actual Blood Bowl ability over networking, contacts and product endorsement potential.

High Elve teams usually adopt a passing strategy as they posess one of the best Throwers in the game, certaily the safest with the lowest chance of interception. They are also as well-armored as the Dark Elf and Human teams. They have access to four strong and fast Catchers backed up by a couple of harder hitting Blitzers. This set-up means you can usually get one receiver free to accept a pass when on offense, and the speed and strength of the team is great for harrassing the opposing team when on defense. Of the four Elven teams, they are the joint-second fastest, joint-first resiliance, and the most reasonable cost across all positions.

Their disadvantages to the other teams is that they aren't as fast or maneuverable as the Wood Elves, don't have as much hitting power as the Dark Elves, and don't have the cheap Line-Elves and excellent Catchers of the standard Elf teams. High Elves are the most average of the four, but the combination of players they have all work well as a team.


  • High Agility
  • Fast, but not Fragile
  • Safe Passing game


  • Higher-than-Average Player Costs
  • Little Hitting Power

Teams and Unsigned PlayersEdit

As of Season IV, only one High Elf team has yet deigned to take notice of the GITP League. Rampant Professionalism enjoyed early success in Season IV but narrowly missed out on a playoff space. As yet no free agents are available.

Star PlayersEdit

For Star Player Action Week, the following players are also available:

Name Cost
Borg'th n'throg 320,000
Grak'ng'Grak Gothag 330,000
Highelm Lyrpadre 180,000
Ibrahim Golddawn 200,000
Luarn Proudbrow 160,000
Pierrot Rainforest 90,000
Valen Swift 240,000

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