"...Three lizardmen teams. DV faced skavens, undead, werewolves, khemri... no problem. But LIZARDMEN! Bleaaaaaahhhhh!" - Leriel, Season III

The history of the involvement of Lizardmen - and their Slann masters - with the sport of Blood Bowl, is very long, and written entirely in their native language. Anyone who hasn't mastered the requisite fifteen tenses, four moods and eight cases doesn't really have a hope of getting to grips with it, especially as, when translated, it's apparently quite boring.

In the modern era, though, Lizardmen have been enthusiastic participants in the game, or at least as enthusiastic as a cold-blooded reptile can be. 

Lizardmen teams have an unusual mix of speed, Strength and Agility. The Saurus players have high Strength and Speed, but they can't dodge or handle the ball very well. The Skinks are very fast, can move about the pitch well, though are weak, low armored and terrible at passing. They key to this team is to use the two player types to support each other. They have the ability to score quickly and the strength to hold off bashing teams and hit agile ones.

They suffer from the fact they have very little in regard to starting skills and the saurus can be very slow to develop. If you don't use them in combination, you may get into trouble. Should the other team be allowed to keep attacking the Skinks, you have no chance to handle the ball. If you run the ball away from the protection of the Saurus, they may get tied up and be unable to keep up.


  • Fast
  • Half the team is Strong and Highly Armored
  • Dodge and Stunty


  • Half the team is Weak and Fragile (Stunty)
  • Lacking Good Starting Skills
  • Very Poor at Passing

Unsigned PlayersEdit

Numerous Lizardmen teams have competed in the GITP league. Players from these teams not currently on contract are listed below.

Name Position SPPs Abilities Injuries
Animantarax Kroxigor - -1 STR
Tep Kroxigor 2
Admiral Ackbar Kroxigor -
Invidia Saurus 29 -1 AG
Gula Saurus -
Luxuria Saurus -
Carnis Saurus -
Mortem Saurus -
Cucamococo Saurus 5 -1 AV
Chimalat Saurus 2
Chipoyotl Saurus -
Guamansuri Saurus -
Imp'chuck the Impossible Saurus -
Pol'cha the Prideful Saurus -
Ebis the Unbearable Saurus -
Jal'ak'tha the Joker Saurus -
Captain Antilles Saurus -
Bail Organa Saurus -
Mon Mothma Saurus -
Angelo Skink 9 Catch -1 STR
MiAngelo Skink -
Fohakwati Skink 2
Kuzco Skink -
Pitahaya Skink 3
Popoca Skink -
Qupi Skink 8
Zulapati Skink 5
Wacombo Skink 5
General Dodonna Skink -
Wedge Antilles Skink -
ViAngelo Skink 15 Catch
ReAngelo Skink 31 Guard, Sprint, Sure Feet
Leia "Princess" Organa Skink 6 +1 Strength
Apopulmec Skink 8 Catch
Goq-quet of Oyxl Skink 0

For Star Player Action Week, the following players are also available:

Name Cost
Borg'th n'hthrog 320,000
Grak'ng'Grak Gothag 330,000
Gregor Meissen 170,000