Inhabiting the cold wastelands of Norsca, the Norse enjoy Blood Bowl, because it means they get paid to beat each other up, and sometimes get paid to leave Norsca for somewhere warmer and friendlier... and beat up the locals there. Living so close to the Chaos Wastes, the Norse have a fairly liberal attitude towards "gifts from the gods" and many teams feature mates of theirs who turn into wolves at the full moon and are renowned for their ferocious play. They've also been known to corral local Yetis and Snow Trolls into playing for them on the pitch, with mixed results.


Norse teams are characterized by most of their players starting with the Block skill. This makes them pretty good out-of-the-box and one of the more reliable teams for the blocking game. They have some great players who come with Frenzy, meaning they can really open up holes in the defense and get a lot of knockdowns.

The downside for Norse is their fairly low armor values. While they tend to get knocked down less on the whole, they will break more often when they go down. The teams also have no dedicated Catachers and average Agility isn't great for passing. The amount of Frenzy on the team can also be tricky to handle, having players dragged out of position or making dice rolls you would rather avoid.


  • Most Players have Block
  • Lots of Frenzy


  • Low Armor
  • Lots of Frenzy


The league has so far seen two Norse teams. Rampage! were a dominant force in the first season and remained highly competitive until they were orphaned in Season III. Nature's Guardians succeeded them and hired a number of retired Rampage! players. They were orphaned in short order but were nevertheless a thorn in the side of several teams during Season IV.

Unsigned PlayersEdit

The following players are not currently on a contract with a Norse team and are available as free agents.

Name Position SPPs Abilities Injuries
Valaskjalf Blitzer 40 Mighty Blow, Piling On, Dodge -1 AG
Gleipnir Blitzer 0
Vanaheimr Catcher 4
Bilskirnir Lineman 15 Guard -1 STR
Fensalir Lineman 12 Fend
Glitnir Lineman 0
Hjiminbjorg Lineman 7 Dirty Player
Sinðri Lineman 6 Dirty Player
Tyrfing Lineman 3 -1 AV
Ejtr Lineman 0
Gjallarhorn Lineman 0 -1 MV, -1 AV
Gnipahellir Werewolf 2
Hel Yeti 2
Balmung Lineman 11 Fend
Mánagarmr Werewolf 34 Mighty Blow, Guard, Block
Okolnir Lineman 8 Dirty Player
Sökkvabekkr Lineman 3
Sigurðrfrear Lineman 26 Dirty Player, Fend
Munarvágr Lineman 5 -1 STR
"Lightning!" Sessrumnir Thrower 88 +2 AG, Sure Hands, Leader, Fend
Jötunheimr Blitzer 7 Mighty Blow
Folkvang Blitzer 37 Mighty Blow, Piling On, Guard
Lyngvi Werewolf 35 Mighty Blow, Block, Guard
"Thunder!" Niflheimr Catcher 68 Dodge, Sidestep, Sure Hands, Fend
Ko Block Lineman 0 - -1 STR
Yo Block Lineman 0 - Niggling Injury
Baldr Dash Blitzer 5 -
No Block Lineman 0 -
Gray Lewis Blitzer 0 -
To Block Lineman 0 -
Po Block Lineman 0 - -1 AV

Star PlayersEdit

The following Star Players make their services available to Norse teams.

Name Cost
Helmut Wulf 110,000
Boomer Eziakson 60,000
Wilhelm Chaney 240,000
Zara the Slayer 270,000
Icepelt Hammerblow 330,000
Morg 'n' Thorg 430,000

For Star Player Action Week, the following players are also available:

Name Cost
"Rover" McKarloff 220,000
Borg'th n'hthrog 320,000
Dorjak Sureclaw 160,000
Duke Luthor von Hawkfire 110,000
Grak'ng'Grak Gothag 330,000
Gregor Meissen 170,000
Hoshi Komi 160,000
Siggi "The Boot" Schuster 90,000
Slarga Fourstrike 200,000
Stefan Helmhand 150,000
Wormhowl Greyscar 130,000

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