Orcs were one of the first teams to play Blood Bowl, a sport that seems entirely suited to their temperament. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, orcs make powerful blockers, while their robust constitutions and strong armour also helps them to avoid serious injury more often than not. Orc teams aren't - all - completely one-dimensional, though, and they're capable of playing the ball as well as the man. Some orc teams also make use of their intrinsic connection to other greenskins to field goblin players, as well as trolls.

Orcs are one of the toughest teams in the game. Most of the players come with high armor and with having some strong players makes it hard to get them off the pitch. Their access to cheap Goblins and relatively low overall player costs combines well to mean an Orc team will rarely start a drive will less than the maximum eleven players.

They come with a fair range of starting skills, though they don't have any real dedicated receivers. Their main Strength relies on the ability to bash the other team and running the ball, rather than using passing plays. Their high armor comes in useful for this strategy and they can start with four players who come with Block alongside their four Strength players. There is also the ability to use the Throw Team-Mate combination of a Troll and a Goblin to score in one turn if need be.


  • Strong
  • High Armor
  • Fairly Cheap


  • Average Speed
  • Weak Passing

Unsigned PlayersEdit

Those players eligible for Orc teams who do not currently hold contracts are listed below. Please note that medical reports for these players have not been updated and they may currently be carrying unrecorded injuries.

Name Position SPPs Abilities Injuries
Robin Black Orc Blocker 8
Vels of Clan Manaka Black Orc Blocker 0
Donnar of Clan Hel Black Orc Blocker 6 Guard
Karn of Clan Tergoth Black Orc Blocker 2
Dor of Clan Manaka Black Orc Blocker 13 Guard
Kothkah Blitzer 5
Sargok Blitzer 0
Rraag'nar Blitzer 0
Krun Blitzer 0
Heathecliff Blitzer 21 Mighty Blow, Strip Ball
Uthanak Blitzer 22 Mighty Blow, Strip Ball
Mr. Scaggs Lineorc 0
Albert Lineorc 9
Norbert Lineorc 10 Block
Bertrand Lineorc 5
Robert Lineorc 6 Dirty Player
Ar-Tek Lineorc 25 Block, +1 AG
B'alam Nak Thrower 10 Block
Apollo Thrower 7 Block
De'zicrah Thrower 21 Block, Accurate
Lumgin Goblin 9 Side Step Niggling Injury
Blardy Goblin 0
Dorber Goblin 7 Catch
Jarger Goblin 5
Minder Goblin 0
Putz Goblin 0
Gorm Troll 9
Smud Troll 6 Grab
Dubs Dontneednostinkinbadges Goblin 5 -1 MA
Slubs Wheredawhitewomenat Goblin 8 Guard
Chubs Surroundedby*******s Goblin 0
Gimdin Goblin 8 Guard
Henri Blitzer 16 Tackle, Mighty Blow
Danforth Blitzer 83 +1 MA, +1 AG, Strip Ball, Sure Hands, Mighty Blow
Frederick Blitzer 52 Jump Up, Strip Ball, Mighty Blow, Dauntless
Cornelius Blitzer 20 Mighty Blow, +1 STR
Sydney Black Orc Blocker 26 Block, Guard
Lucille Black Orc Blocker 31 Guard, Side Step, Block
Artemis Black Orc Blocker 21 Guard, Block
W. Tell Thrower 72 Leader, +1 STR, Block, Kick-Off Return
Greensworth Lineorc 23 Block, Fend
Mrs. Scaggs Black Orc Blocker 42 Block, Tackle, Guard
Asa Willingdon Lineorc 16 +1 MA, Block

Star PlayersEdit

The following Star Players make their services available to Orc teams:

Name Cost
Bommer Dribblesnot 60,000
Scrappa Sorehead 150,000
Ugroth Bolgrot 100,000
Varag Ghoul-Chewer 290,000
Ripper 270,000
Morg 'n' Thorg 430,000

For Star Player Action Week, the following players are also available:

Name Cost
Goreflem Rot-Breath 230,000
Greaser Geargrinder 160,000
Hak Demoncutter 100,000
Harg Vainkill 210,000
Kolath Head-Ripper 240,000
Krug Painspear 310,000
Rip Sorepain 270,000
Urfrik Surehack 210,000

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