Saurus were originally genetically engineered as labourers for the ancient Lizardmen civilisation, although it soon turned out they made good Blood Bowl players too. Some scholars have suggested that in fact it was the other way round. Powerful, vicious and cold-blooded, Saurus are relatively hard to hurt and strong enough to hold up the line of scrimmage, although they lack the agility to make good ball-carriers.

A curse seems to be attached to Saurus in the GITP league, and an unusual number of them have met with grisly fates. As of the end of Season III, more Saurus have been killed on the pitch than any other player class except Linemen, and several have been seriously injured as well. The Cretaceous Crushers suffered particularly badly, going so far as to set up a charity to support the widows and orphans of their fallen Saurus players.

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