Skaven society is highly stratified and bound up on complex rituals, but on the Blood Bowl pitch all barriers drop away as every player gives his all for his teams' complete and utter victory. The game has become very popular in all layers of Skaven society - the Skaven love any opportunity for mindless violence. In fact, it is very difficult to persuade them that there is any other purpose to the game once they are on the pitch, or even when they are just spectating in the stands! Some of the greatest all-time Player Death and Crowd Death records have occurred in games in which the Skaven appeared.

True to their warped nature the Skaven have adapted the game to their own special ways. A new clan has been formed to govern and control the game - the Clan Rigens. The Clan Rigens consists of an unknown number of teams with the most famous being the Skavenblight Scramblers; the three time winners of the Blood Bowl trophy. Several other teams have achieved successes in other, lesser leagues and competitions, and there are mixed teams with Skaven in them competing at various levels.

Skaven are the fastest team in the game and also have cheap players. The Gutter Runners are by far their best players and can be a right handful for the opposing team to deal with. Skaven teams can also have mutations, though not as easily as Chaos teams and these can prove useful. With the right skill combinations and a movement increase,  the Skaven have the ability to score in one turn with a player capable of moving half the length of the pitch. Their cheap players means you can have a deep bench to account for the inevitable injuries, or you can use disposables to foul the other team.

Skaven, however, are rather fragile and apart from the Gutter Runners, they have quite average Agility, so while most of the team is as fast as the Wood Elves, they don't have the Agility to move like them. You will also find the Gutter Runners frequently targeted for fouling by the opposition. Thankfully, they are easy to skill-up so don't be worried about losing them.


  • Very Fast
  • Cheap
  • Mutation Access


  • Fragile
  • Can Develop One-Sided

Famous Players Edit

Whilst the most famous Skaven ever to grace the GiTP League is the League's first Legend, Kowen, there are a number of successful, and well-known, rats on the books of teams and amongst the lists of retired players.

Unsigned PlayersEdit

Name Position SPPs Abilities Injuries

"Mushy" Joe

Lineman 10 +1 AV


Lineman 19 Block, Pass Block

Seven Toes

Lineman 9 Block
The One Who Rages

Rat Ogre

19 +1 AV

Thunder Rat

Thrower 0

R.U.N. Gonzalo

Gutter Runner 19 Sure Feet, Very Long Legs
"Toilet Paper" XAN Thrower 54 Leader, +1 AG, Block, Fend Niggling Injury
Diggles Bouldercot Thrower 23 Block, Extra Arm
One Eye Lineman 31 Block, Fend

Star PlayersEdit

The following Star Players make their services available to Skaven teams:

Name Cost



Skitter Stab-Stab


Hakflem Skuttlespike


Glart Smashrip, Jr




Morg 'n' Thorg


For Star Player Action Week, the following players are also available:

Name Cost
Borg'th n'hthrog 320,000
Grak'ng'Grak Gothag 330,000
Rasta Tailspike 230,000
Split Tendoncutter 190,000


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