Treemen are walking trees, albeit with a rather higher level of intelligence than that makes them sound. They have a particular affinity with their friends and neighbours the Wood Elves, and many Wood Elf teams are accompanied by a treeman. Treemen also have a peculiar affection for halflings, and make handy additions to otherwise lightweight halfling teams.

Treemen are painfully slow-moving, with an unfortunate habit of accidentally taking root in the pitch and having to be forcibly removed during a break in play. If knocked down they can struggle to right themselves, and take several minutes to get back to their feet, if they manage it at all. Having arms and hands literally made of wood makes them terrible handlers of the ball, too, and on the rare occasion a treeman ends up with the ball it's usually because it has bounced there by mistake and ended up lodged in their foliage. However, their strength is almost unmatched on the field, and their tough barky hides make them very difficult to injure.

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