In the broadest sense, "Undead" covers pretty much anything that is not alive, but is still moving about, although daemons complicate the definition slightly. A number of different types of Undead team can be identified as playing Blood Bowl: Khemrian teams, brought together by duty and their long history; vampiric teams, united by bloodline and kinship; and Necromantic teams, driven by the ego of their founding sorcerer.

Then there are the rest: teams made up of players who seem to have nothing in common beyond their general failure to continue to breathe. Teams like this vary from the Champions of Death, a roster of dead star players, to minor league teams who'll take whatever body they can lay hands (or whatever passes for hands) on. Teams like this are referred to simply as Undead, for want of a more descriptive term.


Undead are one of the better teams in the game. They have a great mix of strong, fast, resiliant and cheap players. They have access to the strongest standard players of any starting team, with most of the team having the ability to regenerate allowing them to shrug off injuries and death. With cheap players to use for fouling or tying up big guys, the faster, more agile Ghouls give the team a strong running game.

The bad news is the high cost of Rerolls, the Ghouls are fragile and have no regeneration or a team Apothecary to keep them alive; they will often get targetted as the easiest players to get out of the game. They also aren't that great at passing the ball, normally having no access to passing skills and you don't really want to run Ghouls off into the opposition half to be catching the ball


  • Great Mix of Players
  • Resilient


  • Expensive Rerolls
  • Weak Passing game
  • Ghouls need to be protected

Unsigned PlayersEdit

The following Undead players are meandering around aimlessly waiting to be shackled to the will of the right coach:

Name Position SPPs Skills Injuries
Mattheus Lichtenstein Wight 19 Guard, Dodge
Grizzly Wight 0
Palewhite Wight 0
Yogy "Consumption" Wight 4
Yan "Waits" Wight 6 Stand Firm
WW Wow Wight 0
Varrick the Thrice-Cursed Mummy 23 Guard, Stand Firm
Markus the Unhallowed Mummy 20 Guard, Block
Claw Ghoul 2
Talon Ghoul 14 Block
Gnaw Ghoul 12 Block
Tavros "Argy" Ghoul 6 Leader
Solska "Bubonics" Ghoul -
Keiran Ghoul 0
Al-gol Ghoul 6 Side Step -1 AV
"Unmarked Grave" Skeleton 10 Dirty Player
Ghra Zombie 13 Guard -1 STR
Mraa Zombie 5
Minion Zombie 7 Block
Common Sense Zombie
Freshmeat Zombie
Gravedanger Zombie
Jeremy Zombie
Jack N. Bauer Zombie
Fodder 1 Zombie 9 Block
Fodder 3 Zombie 7 Block
Fodder 4 Zombie 5
Fodder 5 Zombie 0
Fodder 2 the Second Zombie 5
Narchan Tarchol Zombie 12 +1 MV
Other John Green Zombie 15 Kick
Ted Zombie 0
Zed Zombie 5
Bed Zombie 0
Alf Zombie 2

Star PlayersEdit

The following Star Players make their services available to Undead teams. Following a falling-out with Champions of Death coach Tomolandry, Morg 'n' Thorg refuses to have anything to do with Undead teams.

Name Cost
Sinnedbad 80,000
Hack Enslash 120,000
J. Earlice 180,000
Setekh 220,000
Ramtut III 380,000
Count Luthor von Drakenbourg 390,000

For Star Player Action Week, the following players are also available:

Name Cost
"Rover" McKarloff 220,000
Cain 160,000
Frank N. Stein 190,000
Fritz Grunhof 170,000
Quietus Hades 140,000
Stefan Helmhand 150,000
Styff Simeon 150,000
Wishbone 90,000


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