Owner Tychris1
Race Khorne
Debut Season Season VI
Last Season -
Team Colours Red & Black

The D.I.R.E team (Who's acronym has been dubiously changed many a time by the rather dim-witted nature of the fans) are Tychris's newest and last attempt at managing yet another team of crazy bloodthirsty ill-managed maniacs. Hesitantly decided upon at the last minute, many a burned Bloodknight fan have sent several murderous messages to the coach (And a few scantily clad female Vampires) in the hopes of turning him back to the Undead path, yet the blood frenzy of the Khorne has overwhelmed him completely (And Daemonettes are pretty sweet).

Roster Edit

D.I.R.E is rather unusual for a Khorne Daemon team in that only 2 Daemons on the team are actually aligned to Khorne. Akasha is a Herald of Slaanesh, Nevermore is an Unaligned Daemon of Shadow as is the aptly named Shadow Daemon. Azgalor and Doom are the only actual adherents to the Blood God, with the assorted Pit Fighters being various worshippers of the assorted chaos gods, the pantheon as a whole, and generally angry people who were knocked unconcious and dragged into service for the team.

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