Da Monsters of Da Midden
Owner Mordar
Race Orcs
Debut Season Season V
Last Season -
Team Motto -
Team Colours Bruised (Blue) and Blood (Red)

Da Monsters of Da Midden Edit

Da Monsters of Da Midden is a fledgling orc Blood Bowl team founded, managed and coached by Kraktooth Hallaz.  Coach Hallaz is an accomplished warrior and sub-chieftain of the Bad Moon clan who has allocated his considerable fortune to building Da Monsters.

As a young grot, Kraktoof was struck in the head by a large rock. Waking several days later, he blathered endlessly about seeing a "field of soldiers" on which two groups bludgeoned each other senseless and crowds cheered madly. A large figure in a heavy coat stalked the side of the field, growling at his troops. Kraktoof saw how his mob responded to him and knew from that day forward he wanted nothing more than to be that figure. Discovering Blood Bowl some years later, he knew he had found him calling. A few raids later and he had the teeth he needed to buy the rights to a team and start recruiting.

Pulling some younger warriors from his raiding mob and picking up a few intramural players, Coach Hallaz aims to model his team on the one he saw in his dream.  Unfortunately for his team, he didn’t get quite the proper moniker, perhaps not recognizing the human term “Midway”.

As befits both the orcish race and Coach Hallaz’ inspiration, Da Monsters are expected to grow into a strong, hard hitting team that relies on judicious application of skilled force.  That doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to move the ball, though, and “Da Coach” is on the lookout for a strong arm that fits the team, and one great, elusive runner.

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