Race Norse
Teams Rampage!

All-Stars I

Position Blitzer
Squad Number 9
Seasons Season I - Season III
Status Inactive
Calibur Emerging Star

A spectacularly violent player, Folkvang was one of the key weapons in the arsenal of Rampage! and formed a brutal partnership with Valaskjalf for the first two seasons. Although he never threatened the top of the leaderboards in any given season, his performances were good enough to see him play for Division B in the Season I All-Stars match, and he remained consistent through his career to finish as one of the all-time leading casualty collectors by the end of Season III. His talents made him unusually suited to the Grintoof Snotling Destruction Derby and he was held by Aedilred as the probable favourite if he competed. However, Lyngvi was sent in his place, and far from disgraced his team. Although he couldn't quite scramble over the line to true stardom by the time Rampage! functionally disbanded, he remains fit and potent, and would be an asset to any team.

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