Houlio is one of the founding coaches of the GiTP Blood Bowl Manager League. Unlike many other long-term coaches, he has tended to not publish weekly articles, edit the wiki, or even consistently update his current team. After seeing the massive dropouts in Season 1, Houlio recruited two other coaches, Tastier and the Hellbug, in an effort to have more consistent coaches show.

From seasons I-III, Houlio coached the Fancy Lads, the League's first and longest-running Orc team to date. The Fancy Lads participated in the first and the longest running official rivalry in the League (against Aedilred's Red Sabres). To his credit, Houlio never lost any of the season opening matches against his rivals. After coming out of a long history of losing in the first round of the playoffs (against all expectations), Houlio led the Fancy Lads to a Season III victory in the championship.

In Season IV, Houlio created the first High Elf team in the League, Rampant Professionalism. Despite early success such as defeating the veteran team The Johnnies' Quest, Rampant Professionalism feel apart by the season's halfway point and failed to even get into the playoffs (losing their last game of the season against the Bloodknights if memory serves).

For season V, Houlio's rivalry with Aedilred is back as Aedilred has officailly retired the Red Sabres to pick up a Dark Elf team, the Anlec Razors.

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