Ienora Hokahey
Race Elf
Teams Tinwe United
Position Blitzer
Squad Number 13, 1
Seasons Season II
Status Inactive
Calibur Veteran

Ienora Hokahey was a mid-season signing for Tinwë United, brought in to add much-needed power to the elves' play alongside Valinor Silvrenruth. After Valinor was cut from the squad in the off-season, Ienora was appointed captain, although Tinwë never played a league game under her captaincy.

In the closing stages of Season II, The Sabreur ran a player profile on Tinwë's newest signing:

"The Sabreur" Player ProfileEdit

When Ienora Hokahey was signed by Pro Elf team Tinwë United and left Ulthuan seeking her fortune, little could she have imagined the life that lay in store for her. It would be nice to say that since she arrived, Tinwë have gone from strength to strength, and that her influence has been a critical reason why the team has prospered.

Unfortunately, we can't.

Tinwë United have had a rotten second half of the season, following a mercurial first half in which they succeeded in dispatching the impressive Patched Plagues, and, to the surprise of many, both orc teams, including the much-fancied Fancy Lads, but also failed to close out a number of games they should probably have won. The team's success was eventually scuppered by injury, with veteran captain Valinor Silvrenruth laid out with a skull fracture from which he just doesn't seem to have recovered.

It is fair to say, though, that Lady Hokahey has been one of Tinwë's few standout successes. Since joining the team she's put in a good all-round performance including injuring one of the Lads, and scoring a touchdown to draw with Die Valkyrie. With Tinwë scrambling to make the playoffs, it's difficult to know whether the team has a future beyond this season, but any other teams looking for an all-round elf blitzer could do a lot worse. Hopefully we'll be seeing rather more of her in the future.

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