Iron Boyz
Iron Boyz Logo by Tastier!
Owner PepperP.
Race Orc
Debut Season Season VII
Last Season Going Strong!
Team Motto Waaaaargh!!!
Team Colours Green and Red

Rookie Season Edit

The Iron Boyz debuted in season VII with rookie owner/manager PepperP. After an informative drilling in a pre-season friendly match to the rookie dark elf team, Three Moon Strikers, the team was hastily retooled with a tighter, more focused roster. Pro-Blitzer Cornelius was brought in with the hopes that he would bolster his largely rookie team mates.

The first match of the season against the seasoned Brillanté promised to be a tough fight for the Boyz, and did not disappoint. The former cup champions were able to outmaneuver the rookies, who's inexperience showed as our players struggled to make forward progress and complete crucial passes. Even so, the Iron Boyz were able to score against the Wood Elves, which we're counting as a moral victory and feel bodes well for our chances in future matches! Waaaaargh!!!

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