Leriel began his career in the League as the coach of the Stinky Feets, who reached the final of Season I. He sold the Feets, who at that point had the most expensive player in the league on contract, and used the proceeds to start a new Amazon team, Die Valkyrie. After a hit and miss first season, DV were doing well in their second and finished the season top of their division. Leriel's strange behaviour during Season III, however, led to his being investigated by Meredith Gray(tail) and a group of her fellow apothecaries, who became suspicious of his intentions towards the absent DV cheerleaders.

Leriel's dastardly scheme was foiled and he was reported dead, but his ghost returned to coach Beyond Entropy in Season IV. After a collusion between Crow, Leriel's own player Aludra, and Fernand O.E. Arrow, working as a hired assassin, Leriel was targetted for a hit during the Season IV final. Despite being shot, turned to stone and decapitated, Leriel refused to shuffle off this mortal coil, and was handed the reins of Feets Reloaded for the final.

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