Records in italics indicate that the record was set in a friendly match or against an uncontroversially orphaned team.

Scoring RecordsEdit

Most aggregate touchdowns (normal time): 7

Most aggregate touchdowns (extra time): 7:

Most touchdowns by a player:

Most touchdowns by a team:

Biggest win:

Most rushing yards:



Most passes:



Physical RecordsEdit

Most casualties inflicted by a team:

Most aggregate casualties inflicted:

Most casualties inflicted by a player:

Most kills inflicted by a team:

Most kills inflicted by a player:

Miscellaneous RecordsEdit

Most interceptions in a match:

Highest Team Value:

Most inducements received:

Highest attendance records:

(These are the highest known attendance records known from gate receipts. Some records from earlier in the league have been lost.)

Match Rating 20/20:

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