Murder Arson & Jaywalking
Owner Tastier
Race Daemons of Khorne
Debut Season Season V
Last Season -
Team Motto The Crimson Tide Rises
Team Colours Red and Gold


And so he said, "If I were to heed the meaning vulgarly attributed to certain words then, since vulgar reality has taken 'anarchy' to be synonymous with 'civil war', I should be delighted by the state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority, in that I have a horror of civil strife." and so it was that the daemonic horde flocked to his side and flourished. An he said unto them, "Go forth and reign chaos unto the pitch and the officiation, unto the opposition and the bleachers, and in Khorne you shall be exalted. For among his despoilers be the rocks and the trees and the birds in the sky, and you will be first amongst these" And they went forth under their Lorde's banner and wrought the chaos the hoped to find, in in doing so they found what they sought. One such known as Kaldsorfan left an Elfen innamorata lying cold in the mud, and his master reveled. One such known as Drox was conspicuosly present and then conspicuously absent even as the municipal courthouse smoldered, and his master reveled. And even as the worke of Khorne's day was coming to an end one such know as Carlos abruptly intersected the pathes of carriages forcing them into unsteady tradjectories, and his master yet reveled. It was at the end of these labors that they returned to him. He revealed unto them the secrets shared with him. "Our Lorde has seen your deeds and found them to his liking and thus he bestowed unto me a title under which to gather, a pronouncement to the world that we do what we do in His name- Murder Arson & Jaywalking."

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