N. Senn Ricky
Race Human
Teams Red Sabres
Position Lineman
Squad Number 1
Seasons Season I - Season III
Status Dead
Calibur Emerging Star

Ricky was one of the Sabres' original signings, and his keen positional awareness and tackling saw him appointed club captain at the end of their triumphant first season. He became known for his ferocious blocking as well as his leadership and loyalty to the team: early in Season II star player Helmut Wulf required emergency life-saving treatment after Ricky reacted badly when he turned out against the Sabres for a rival squad. The Sabres became dependent on Ricky's all-round play, but just as he reached the verge of stardom, his career was tragically cut short in Week 9 of Season III by Vercingetorix of Hellbug's Heroes.