Nature's Guardians
Owner Trivino
Race Norse
Debut Season Season IV
Last Season -
Team Motto -
Team Colours Green and Brown
Coming out of obscurity, Nature's Guardians made quick work of getting established. The new Norse team immediately signed "Lightning" Sessrumnir and followed up the move by signing his famed teammate "Thunder" Niflheimr. They have joined the GITP Blood Bowl league in Season IV.


Legendary Norseman, Lo Block, always dreamed of starting his own Blood Bowl team. He was never more than a footnote at the end of an occasional team, but always envisioned himself starting a legitimate team.

When his wife birthed the first of his several sons, Lo decided the best way for him to form a team was to literally birth it! He and his wife had five more boys and recruited a few other local players and started the Nature's Guardians team. They were a motley crew at first, but after a few seasons of practising, and Lo having more sons, the Guardians developed a bit of a reputation among the Norse Blood Bowl Circuit. 

When word reached Lo about joining a well-respected league, he made sure to put some money together and signed the legendary Thunder and Lightning. Lo now leads the team into the new league with high expectations and high hopes.

Current Roster:Edit

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