Nox'tlan Narcissists
Owner AddZable
Race Lizardmen
Debut Season Season III
Last Season -
Team Motto Bugger the Old Ones. This is for me!
Team Colours Dark Orchid and Gold


  • Imp'chuck the Impossible
  • Pol'cha the Prideful
  • Ebis the Unbearable
  • Jal'ak'tha the Joker
  • Loo'kin "Nasty"
  • Veh'reh "Uncouth"
  • Shu'da'pa "Your Face"
  • Reh'lee "Blunt"
  • Pee'imp'mah "Ride"
  • Like'tuh "Nap"
  • "Made-Fun-Of" Mike

Coaching StaffEdit

  • Sklik'lik "the Skink" - Defensive Coordinator
  • Nigle "No-Skill" - Apothecary
  • A'gai "In Disguise" - Cheerleader
  • Lo'sa'air "Chips" - Cheerleader

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