For whatever reason, some owners stop paying attention to their teams. There could be all sorts of reasons for this: tax fraud; family emergencies; imprisonment; alcoholism, or just a straightforward loss of interest. The precise point at which a team becomes orphaned can also be difficult to identify, as some owners who have apparently disappeared suddenly return.

Nevertheless, the effects of abandonment on a team are almost always destructive. Without organisation, inducement money remains unspent and teams are unable to work on coherent gameplans for upcoming matches. Players laid off through injury are never again signed fit to play, and cash from gate receipts doesn't get invested back into the team. Teams abandoned early in their development suffer particularly badly and can end up relying almost entirely on journeymen by the closing stages of the season, although some can remain remarkably competitive long after they have otherwise been written off, and even make the playoffs.

Orphaned teams include:

Season I

Season II

Season III

Season IV

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