The Season III All-Star Week took place in Week 7 of Season III.

Unlike previous All-Star Weeks, Season III took the form of a round-robin, with each division playing each other once.

The Grintoof-sponsored Snotling Destruction Derby took place in the same week.


Division A 2 - 3 Division C

Edrad "the Stepdad" Oril (1)

Distraction (1)

Leia "Princess" Organa (1)

Apopulmec (2)

Division A 3 - 2 Division B

Tenguhi of Cuexotl (1)

Distraction (1)

Skeggjöld (1)

Bry N. O. Dryskull (1)

Fry "John" Cook (1)

Division B 3 - 0 Division C   

Fredo D. Stefani (1)

Fry "John" Cook (2)


Final StandingsEdit

Division A 1 1 5 5 +0
Division B 1 1 5 3 +2
Division C 1 1 3 5 -2


Division A Logo

Coach: Leriel

  1. Herfjötur
  2. Green Nail
  3. Skeggjöld
  4. Tenghui of Cuexotl
  5. Hildr
  6. Kowen
  7. Distraction
  8. Göndul
  9. Oatlhui of the Smoking Caverns of Sotek
  10. Edrad "The Stepdad" Oril
  11. Roc Lockjaw
  12. Quetankha of the Jungles of Despair
  13. Stinger
  14. Adohi-ec of the Aymara Swamps
  15. Diggles Bouldercot
  16. Romdin
Division B Logo

Coach: Aedilred

  1. Fredo D. Stefani
  2. "Lightning!" Sessrumnir
  3. Okolnir
  4. W. Tell
  5. Danforth
  6. Asa Willingdon
  7. Bry N.O. Dryskull
  8. Fry "John" Cook
  9. Seb Sha Bal
  10. "Thunder!" Niflheimr
  11. Mánagarmr
  12. Lyngvi
  13. Orgeterix
  14. Ajax
  15. Bloomberg

Division C Logo

Coach: kurokotetsu

  1. Amateratsu
  2. Leia "Princess" Organa
  3. Squire
  4. Devouze Edjut
  5. Derk von Duneheim
  6. Acedia
  7. Apopulmec
  8. Wilhelm Bounder
  9. Miller Halfwaist
  10. Admiral Ackbar
  11. Lucius von Duneheim
  12. Celia's Good Will
  13. Frankie's Lame Copy
  14. Mon Mothma

Player Selection and ManagementEdit

Players were nominated by owners. Each owner received three votes per division, and could only vote for one of their own players. Each owner also voted for a coach from their own division.

Each player nominated received 2 free Star Player Points. All but one player nominated appeared in the final squad: Krizker Flannel of Hellbug's Heroes was nominated but withdrawn by his team coach.

Teams received 4 Gameplan points and $400,000 in inducement money. Inducements which applied a negative effect to the opposing team were disallowed. Each team also received one free apothecary and two re-rolls.

Injuries suffered by players were permanent where appropriate, unless saved by an apothecary during the match.

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