The shapely and seductive Selene herself.

The alleged bankroller and head of bloodbowl operations for Selene's Seductive Strut.  Selene is known to hold final word on all personnel decisions, with on-field coaching and management falling to Crow.

An Active SupporterEdit

Selene has attended every Triple-S match to date.  Not content to support her team from the owner's box, Selene can usually be seen on the sidelines cheering on and encouraging the Triple-S players.  In times of dire need, she has been known to call team meetings at the sideline.  Nobody knows for sure what she says to the team during these gatherings, but the grim expressions on their faces afterward may hold a hint.  Not to mention the results.  After a speech from Selene, the underworld players often look to be playing as if their very lives depend upon it!

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