Sneak Kings
Owner The Hellbug
Race Goblin
Debut Season Season V
Last Season Active
Team Motto Not like this...
Team Colours Teal and Purple
 Many of the civilized races look down on goblins as pathetic beings grovelling for the scraps from the table of bigger, smarter entities. This prognosis is, for the better part, correct. However, every once in a blue moon a goblin rises above the rest and attempts to lead himself out of the darkness into which his race was born on the backs of his fellows. Maurice King was one such goblin. Nephew of a recreational Blood Bowl player, Maurice knew that it was only a matter of time before he inherited his uncle's pogo stick, as long as he survived long enough to take it. His opportunity came soon, when his uncle was impaled on a Khorne daemon's armor while trying to clear him in a single bound. Armed with anything to differentiate him from his kin, Maurice dropped his first name, and dubbed himself "The King". He rallied followers and, knowing that goblins make awful Blood Bowl players, even managed to convince a couple of trolls to join him. Now, all he needed was a coach who would give his team, dubbed the Sneak Kings, enough legitimacy to play in a non-goblin league. Luckily for The King, there was one such man. The Hellbug, coming off of a cup victory in the GitP Blood Bowl League, was facing pressure from within the Heroes organization to retire the team. Seeing that multiple of his star players were too injured to continue their careers and that the team had already accomplished what it was made to do, The Hellbug retired the team. However, he was still faced with massive debt from the construction of the Burnbob Plarduny Memorial Thunderdome. He needed a team to fill the stadium. The salary offered by the Sneak Kings was too much to pass by, and they were quickly added to the GitP league.

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