Sultans of Slaughter
Owner The Hellbug
Race Nurgle
Debut Season Season VI
Last Season -
Team Motto -
Team Colours Green and Teal

The GitP Fantasy Blood Bowl League has had a long and storied tradition of unmanaged Nurgle teams gifting other teams free wins by the mid-season. However, their potential as a defensive powerhouse has not been overlooked. Coming off of a disappointing ending in the previous season with the Sneak Kings, veteran Chaos coach The Hellbug was actively seeking out a new team, citing the Kings' inability to a defeat an unmanaged team in order to make the playoffs as the final straw in an already strained relationship with the players. Hiring long-time friend Rivell Mastacasta to tap into the natural ley-lines upon which the Brunbob Plarduny Memorial Stadium was built, The Hellbug sent out a call to any beings intent on conquest and violence. A response came in the form of the Sultans of Slaughter, devout followers of Nurgle who were ready to bring their own brand of Blood Bowl to the GitP League. Fans had better pack nose plugs, because the Sultans are here to stay.

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