Tenghui of Cuexotl
Race Lizardmen
Teams Outrageous Cretaceous

Season III All-Stars

Season IV All-Stars

Position Skinks
Squad Number 02
Seasons Season III - IV
Status Active
Calibur Emerging Star

Tenghui of Cuexotl is a skink that currently plays for the Lizardmen team Outrageous Cretaceous. Along with Tlaxankha of the Forests of the Viper, he was the joint top-scorer for the OC in Season III.

Season IIIEdit

A slow start for the OC's first season in the GITP-League, Tenghui was largely overshadowed by fellow skink Tlaxankha as a scoring threat for the first half of the season. Despite this, he was chosen for the Division A All-Stars with fellow teammates Sauruses Adohi-ec of the Aymara Swamps and OC Captain Quetankha of the Jungles of Despair, along with Kroxigor Oatlhui of the Smoking Caverns of Sotek. He scored a TD in Division A's 3-2 victory against Division B, and has been considered a massive confidence booster for the skink.

After All-Star Week, Tlaxankha went into a scoring slump, but Tenghui was able to score consistently in their upcoming matches to keep OC a contender for a playoff slot. Most notably, during their Week 10 match against the Vampire team The Bloodknights, Tenghui ran the ball for a record 112 yards and establishing himself as having the most running yards in a match. Humorously enough, it also tied the most running yards by an entire team (Rampage! against The Johnnys' Quest).

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