The Three Moon Strikers
Owner Rain Dragon
Race Dark Elves
Debut Season Season VII
Last Season -
Team Motto
Team Colours

The Rain Dragon allowed his mental discipline to lapse for only a second, but it was all that was needed for him to know more than he ever wanted about the four Princes that surrounded him. Though he did not often feel such, a small sense of disgust was felt briefly in the pit of his stomach before normalcy returned. Of course, the Princes did not notice anything, so self absorbed they were as they considered what their father the Emperor had said. Rain Dragon only raised an eyebrow when the four in unison signed the Blood Bowl contract before fully examining all of the details...

The Three Moon Strikers is a rookie team of Dark Elves hailing from Alethra (also commonly known as 'the Night Vales'). Despite there being no evidence to support this, the Dark Elves claim to be from a place where three brightly coloured globes adorned the night sky. The Three Emperors of their Kingdom represent each of these moons and have for centuries. Kalkan, Emperor of the smallest but brightest of the Moons one day declared the time has come for Alethra to be represented in the GITP Blood Bowl Tournament.

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