Treeman's Triupm
Owner Clarkson
Race Halflings
Debut Season Season VI
Last Season
Team Motto It's Our Turn Now!
Team Colours Leaf Green and Bark Brown

Treeman's Triumph were one of the eight teams that participated in Clarkson's end of Season V recruiting drive. while they made it to the final game, they were thoroughly destroyed by the Murder Doctors. Only two players were left on the field. Due to shenanigans involving Chaos Dwarves, a kidnapping, and a dwarf runner who fell from his prime, Treeman's Triumph wound up in possession of Clarkson. Clarkson agreed to coach them, in exchange for their assistance.

The Roster Edit

Treeman's Triumph is headed up by a pair of Treemen, specifically, Bloomberg, a Johnny's Quest Veteran, one of the most feared players in the league, and Bloodbranch, a last second rookie pickup due to a preference for an additional stadium facility than Oak's slight speediness (or at least his ability to stand up without making a big deal about it). There are also a lot of Halflings, whose job it is to carry the ball short distances and clog up lanes before getting knocked off the field.

Season VI Edit

The team began with a loss against the Shadow, the same team their coach, Clarkson, began his career against. They lost, but allowed The Shadow fewer touchdowns than Crooked Peak did in their first game. Whether this shocking defensive aptitude will continue through the remainder of Season VI is as of yet unknown, but Clarkson is hopeful. That said, defense doesn't win games, offense does, as Blind Faith showed back in Season IV.

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