Valinor Silvrenruth
Race Pro Elf
Teams Tinwe United

All-Stars II

Position Blitzer
Squad Number 01
Seasons Season II
Status Inactive
Calibur Veteran

Fan favourite Valinor Silvrenruth was the captain and - for most of the team's history - best player of Tinwë United. After suffering a fractured skull early in Season II, doubts were raised about Valinor's life expectancy, but he survived the season without further injury. Team owner Oh My God made the decision to cut Valinor during the off-season and appoint him apothecary, with Ienora Hokahey taking over the captaincy. Oh My God's subsequent disappearance, and Tinwë United's failure to enter Season III, has been attributed by some commentators to the violent reaction of outraged Valinor fans.

Before entering the Blood Bowl league, Tinwë United had a long and proud history. On the way back to the shining shores of Ulthuan from a foreign tour, the vessel leased for their voyage broke apart in the midst of a terrible storm at sea ( never trust a Blood Bowl promoter to worry for your safety! ). While adrift and attacked by sharks, Valinor Silvrenruth fended the beasts off by punching the largest of them in the nose, triggering a feeding frenzy centered on the stunned shark. 

In the second week of the Season of the Sun during the 354th year of the Age of Seafarer, Valinor spent an entire match trading punches with the Ogre Wu Han Ho, center of the Jarlsburg Jarls. Afterwards, Valinor was quoted as saying," He was no shark."