Waity Darkbeard
Race Dwarf
Teams Crooked Peak
Position Runner
Squad Number 5
Seasons Season IV, Season V
Status Active
Calibur Star Player
Awards Season IV Offensive Rookie of the Year

Waity Darkbeard managed to hit his stride in Week 4 of Season 4. During that one week he managed a pass leading directly to his teamate Boomy's touchdown, a touchdown himself, and two interceptions.

The main reason he's here is the two interceptions. In this one game he broke the all time total for number of interceptions. It is unknown whether this will continue.

Waity continued lighting up the scoreboard after Week 4, but less with the interceptions, and more with the points. Since Week 4 he has never failed to put up at least one point, and has led Crooked Peak to victory on many occasions.

News FeaturesEdit

After his grand success in week four he was featured by the Crooked Peak Chronicler

Seems like the game went well. Not only did you score a touchdown, but you also managed to throw a pass to fellow runner Boomy Darkbeard. How do you feel after that stellar game?

That game went well, but what about the season? That's been the only match we managed to get points on the board! This isn't like back home. One point does not win the game.

That's for certain. But what was with the outlandish playstyle? Throwing the ball instead of running it? And catching the other team's throws? Talk about outlandish!

"Coach just spent the week having me throw the ball. Not sure what we're up against this week, but I've heard it's some elves! If that's so, I'm not certain what the plan is."

I hope you show those Pointy Ears who's boss. Good luck.

End of An EraEdit

Upon earning his second Niggling Injury in as many matches his coach Clarkson cut him from the roster. Oddly enough his final opponent was the Bloodknights, the same team that he first led Crooked Peak to victory over. He was replaced by Stooge of the Clan That Conquered Trees.

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